Xiaochuang Han  

(You can call me Han, which is easier to pronounce and remember)


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I am a senior year Computer Science undergraduate student at Georgia Tech. I am a member of Georgia Tech Computational Linguistics Lab, advised by Prof. Jacob Eisenstein. I spent the past summer at the NLP and CSS Lab at University of Colorado Boulder, advised by Prof. Chenhao Tan. I am interested in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Computational Social Science. In my spare time, I also play soccer and keyboard.


(06/03/2019 - 06/05/2019) I'm attending NAACL 2019 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

(11/05/2018 - 11/07/2018) I'm attending CSCW 2018 in Jersey City, New Jersey.


No Permanent Friends or Enemies: Tracking Dynamic Relationships between Nations from News
Xiaochuang Han, Eunsol Choi, and Chenhao Tan.
NAACL 2019

Mind Your POV: Convergence of Articles and Editors Towards Wikipedia's Neutrality Norm
Umashanthi Pavalanathan, Xiaochuang Han, and Jacob Eisenstein.
CSCW 2018

Interactional Stancetaking in Online Forums
Scott Kiesling, Umashanthi Pavalanathan, Jim Fitzpatrick, Xiaochuang Han, and Jacob Eisenstein.
Computational Linguistics, September 2018

Predicting the Suitability of Service Animals Using Instrumented Dog Toys
Ceara Byrne, Jay Zuerndorfer, Larry Freil, Xiaochuang Han, Andrew Sirolly, Scott Cilliland, Thad Starner, and Melody Jackson.
IMWUT, December 2017